It's a change, but an easy choice

We know paper business cards have been the business standard for 100+ years, but it's time for a change. Transform your paper cards to digital and use them as a sales and marketing tool to grow your business while helping the environment.

Paper Business Cards

80% thrown away

Statistics show 88% of paper business cards are thrown away after 7 days.

Higher Cost

Avoid excessive design, printing, shipping and rush charges.

Not Eco-Friendly

Paper card industry destroys over 8 million trees per year.

Left at Home

Have you had ever had a meeting and reached for a paper card & card.

Digital Business Cards

Always with you

Your digital card is always on your mobile phone home screen.

Better ROI & Cost

The lower total costs and better ROI from sales & marketing features


Social media interaction, messaging, payments and bookings all available


Digital consumes no trees nor water when compared to printing pf paper cards.

Compare & Realize the Digital Advantage

Join users all over the world and get your customized digital business card today.

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