Transform your business cards to a sales and marketing machine!

Boost your bottom line, enhance your online brand, stay top of mind with your customers and prospects while helping the environment.

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Loaded with features good for your business, beneficial to the environment and your bottom line

Always with you

Save your card to your mobile phone home screen and never leave home without it.

Saves costs

No more design, printing, or shipping costs. No charge for editing cards.

Share on Video Call

With 50% of meetings still virtual, share card via chat or QR code right on the video call.

Interact via Card

Prospects & Customers can send SMS, call or email you right from your business card.

No App or Card Scan

Mobiva's card does not require another app to download or a plastic card to scan.


Help reduce the destruction of trees and water usage during the printing of paper cards.

Combined with Benefits to help you grow revenue and build your online brand

Sell Product & Services from Card

Connect business card to your e-commerce store or payment link such as Venmo.

Book Meetings or Schedule Services

Connect calendar link to your business card & customers can book right from your card.

Collect Lead Information

Connect your lead generation form to collect lead information for followup.

Prospects One Click Message or Call

Customers can easily send SMS, email or call you with one click from your card.

Build Online Brand

Build your social following social media following and get online reviews.

Helps Environment & Sustainability Goals

Digital cards can help companies meet their sustainability goals

Make the change today!

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